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Welcome to Enso!

Here you will find a set of guides for various subjects to help you get started with Enso. If you are new to Enso, we recommend starting with the Getting Started guide.

What is Enso?‚Äč

Enso is a combined data analytics and data catalogue platform which allows you to easily connect to your data, prepare and analyze it, and share your insights with others. Enso is designed to be easy to use, with a visual interface that allows you to build your workflows without writing any code. However, it is uniquely a dual-representation platform where the graph defines the code, and the code represents the graph. Because of this, you can easily switch between the visual graph and the underlying code, and you can use the graph to build up your code and the code to build up your graph.

Enso is a versatile tool that seamlessly handles both structured data (such as database tables and CSV files) and unstructured data (such as JSON and XML from files or API responses). It offers comprehensive components to help you clean, transform, and analyze your data. These components can run in memory or within the database where the data resides, allowing you to easily switch from sample data snapshots to production data.

Within the catalogue, Enso allows you to import files directly or create data links. This allows the data to remain where it currently resides but be connected to and used from within your workflows. Documentation and labelling capabilities enable you to tag and search for your data within the application easily.

Additionally, Enso comes with a built-in set of visualizations, enabling you to examine and understand your data as you work with it. This broad compatibility and comprehensive functionality make Enso a valuable tool for a wide range of data professionals.